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HipHop band music from JayWrite on Band For The Day

United States,
Genre: HipHop
Band for the day:    x2
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Current Tracks

Song Title: 04 HBGAJayWrite.mp3

Song Title: Government Oppressed by JayWrite

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Official website of HipHop band JayWrite on Band For The Day.

My faith in God: My love for music... the only things that keep me sane. When I was thirteen years old, my parents divorced and I found out the man who raised me wasn't my biological father. By the age of fourteen, I was being molested by a family friend. During my spare time, every thought, fear and emotion made its way unto a vulnerable piece of paper. Ultimately, writing in a journal and listening to rap music became my therapy. My mom forced me to get a job several months before my fifteenth birthday, and I found work at a local pizza shop in my hometown of Ashtabula, Ohio (a suburb outside of Cleveland). At that time, I started planning my escape. By the time I was seventeen years old, I had six thousand dollars saved up. As soon as I turned eighteen, I packed up everything I owned in my 1997 Mercury Tracer and moved to Florida to start a new life. I leased a studio apartment in 2004 in Winter Haven, and worked three jobs to support myself. After living in Florida for one year, I met a girl who talked me into moving to LA with her. Little did I know, the move would leave me homeless in one of the biggest cities in the United States. When I got to Los Angeles, I had nowhere to go. Everything I owned, from clothes to silverware, was piled high in the backseat of my car. I stayed in motels and abandoned apartments in Inglewood some nights. With less than three hundred dollars in my pocket, I decided to work my way up to the Bay Area. Upon arrival, I instantly fell in love with San Francisco. I stayed there seven years, until recently, when I moved back to LA to finish my degree in Journalism. Before moving back to Southern California, I was freelancing for the Pacifica Tribune (a beach town outside of San Francisco). And while residing in the Bay Area, I combined my journalistic techniques with my love for rap music and started writing rhymes. The next thing I knew, I was performing live. Music became my life: It is the reason I get up in the morning; it is the natural high I could not obtain through recreational drugs; and to this day, it remains the only thing that never let me down in a world that left me clinically depressed. People who know me would tell you I'm crazy... their right. And that's why I write. Peace and love always. Your friend, JayWrite

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