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Rock/Hard Rock band music from JOSE DIAZ on Band For The Day

United States, Victoria
Genre: Rock/Hard Rock
Band for the day:    x5
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Current Tracks

Song Title: IM ALRIGHT


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Official website of Rock/Hard Rock band JOSE DIAZ on Band For The Day.

Texas Gulf Coast Guitarist has been making music since age 13. He has 10 CDs out at this time and is currently working on another. He has appeared on A.O.G.MEDIA COMPILATIONS #5,6,7,8,9 and 10. He has also collaborated with such artist as Terry Daun, Roy Coston, Jesse De La O, and RECONSIDERATE. Jose' writes and records, mixes, and masters all of his original material himself. His music can be described as dark yet emotionslly searing. His subject matter knows very few bounds. His motto: "LOUD AND PROUD!"

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