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AC Power Adapter/USB Cable For M-Audio AXIOM Pro 25 49 61 Key USB MIDI Keyboard

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Goth/Industrial band music from Asylum on Band For The Day

Croatia, Vodice
Genre: Goth/Industrial
Band for the day:    x17
Hall of Fame: x1

Current Tracks

Song Title: 01. Lost in Space.mp3

Song Title: 03 butterfly dance.wma

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Official website of Goth/Industrial band Asylum on Band For The Day.

Short Biography. "ASYLUM BEDLAM" is the new name of the band you may know as "Asylum" The Unrelenting force known as Asylum Bedlam; was officially formed in May 2007 in Vodice (Croatia), and today counts five band-members. AB plays dark and energetic music with electronic influence and their inspiration usually comes from their inner voices. They play original music, which is influenced by bands of the industrial, Gothic and shock rock scenes. "This Is It" different band with "Own Train! The lyrical theme is going through the dark side of truth but also reaches into the corridors of abstraction. In their lyrics they are not the critics but the spectators and their songs are just an abstract preview of what will happen on the basis of what is seen. The lyrical topics vary from black humor and voices, to pure criticism of the rotten human psyche, and times in which we dwell. Releases:DEMO-Madman Industry (2007) EP-Left To Parasite(2008) Debut album of the year 2009"Magna Mana Fetish"is ready for the masses. "This Is It" "Don't Believe Them"is on free download as a gift to the coolest FANS on this planet,check our blog & get the song! Any questions?,do not hesitate to contact us. Link: Cell Phone: +47 980 44070 E-mail: For About the Adress:Vladka maceka 27 Vodice 22211 CROATIA

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